Adolescent Skills Kit: Helpful Tools for Healthy Teens

A.S.K. provides an opportunity for adolescents to learn and sharpen Life Skills to create healthier relationships, improve self-esteem and strengthen communication skills. Some of the topics we review include:

  • How to be Heard (Communication Skills)
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Cyber Safety
  • Self Esteem
  • Best Friends
  • Boundaries
  • Body Image
  • Sexuality
  • How to Fight (fair)
  • and more!

A.S.K. is the emotional common core that is an essential learning opportunity for young adults to gain new Life Skills not learned in school. I believe every young adult will benefit from learning techniques for more effective communication and creating healthier relationships. Information is presented in a safe and friendly environment. With specialized teaching and learning for every child and family, I am proud to offer this service as an opportunity to strengthen one’s emotional IQ and prepare our young people for a challenging 21st Century.

A.S.K is also for the child who is managing well, wants to improve what they already know, who is emerging as an adult and wants to strengthen skills and opportunities for success. I strive for my office to be a place for personal growth and self development.

Please contact Rachel for more information about the A.S.K. program.